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Each course I teach is supported by both a public blog and a course site on NMIT Online (Moodle).
The following links will take you to individual pages for the course listed where you will find the links to the class blogs and also to some prezis and slideshows that I currently use for my teaching.  All my prezis, blogs and slideshows are offered under a Creative Commons NZ licence.


This thrid year degree course is offered every semester as it is generally a mandatory course for final year undergraduates


The successful completion of a major capstone project is a requirement for the award of the Bachelor in Information Technology (BIT).  Most students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Information Technology (GDipIT) also complete a slightly smaller version of this project.


This final year course is taken by those students wishing to major in Information Systems within the BIT.


This is an elective second year course open to any BIT student as part of their degree.


This course is an introductory first year course and is compulsory for all degree students.


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