Entrepreneurial Education – can we afford not to take the risk?

We have recently been debating the changing nature of the education landscape and what it means both for us as educators and for our students.  The latest buzzphrase to assail us is ‘entrepreneurial education’.  Unfortunately, I think that for many people the term comes with some negative baggage.  As educators … Continue reading

Context, construction and community – the changing topography of education

For the last couple of years I have been trying to find patterns in and make sense out of the  rapidly changing landscape of tertiary education.  Without choosing any specific pathway I have been following threads of conversations and ideas back to their (often) blog sources, been introduced to various … Continue reading

A Journey of Knowing

Three weeks ago I joined the Designing a New Learning Community (DNLE) course from Stanford University.  This post is a reflection on some of the learning about myself and my philosphy of education that has been the result. _____________________________________________________________________ Yes. I admit it. I have been procrastinating.  Following in the … Continue reading

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