Entrepreneurial Education – can we afford not to take the risk?

We have recently been debating the changing nature of the education landscape and what it means both for us as educators and for our students.  The latest buzzphrase to assail us is ‘entrepreneurial education’.  Unfortunately, I think that for many people the term comes with some negative baggage.  As educators I suspect most of us do not think of ourselves as entrepreneurs and would not necessarily wish to focus our teaching on trying to making entrepreneurs of our students.

However, on reflection I think that this is misleading.  As can often occur when a difficult and complex concept is rendered down to a soundbite,  the true meaning is often obscured.  I believe that the principles inherent in entrepreneurial learning are ones that we as educators in the 21st century will ignore at our peril.  I have tried to capture some of my thinking and describe some of the ways that we are trying to incorporate entrepreneurial ideas into our delivery and assessment in this working paper which I would love to have some feedback on!  Have you tried anything similar? Have you taken risks?  Or, if not, what obstacles were in the way?

I am also wondering if there is a better name for this approach – agile education seems more appropriate to me (Agile Education for Agile Minds! I even have the marketing slogan!!!).  Do you have any ideas? I would love to know!

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