Keynote Address                                                        

Atkins, C. and Diener, S. (2011) The New Zealand Virtual World Grid: Jump on Board! 29th Annual Tertiary ICT Conference, Victoria University, Wellington. 29-31 August.

Invited Speaker

May 2008: Second Life: Exploring the potential for Real Learning in a Virtual World”  Tertiary Libraries Special Interest Group (TELSIG) annual conference, Palmerston North,

August 2008: Second Life in Education. Distance Educators Association of New Zealand (DEANZ) Annual Conference, Wellington,  .

July 2007: Second Life Education: Exploring the potential for real learning in a virtual world. 20th Annual Conference of National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications( NACCQ), Nelson.

April 2004: Demystifying Research. National Business Administration Forum conference, Nelson

July 2003: ITPs and the PBRF: Challenges and Opportunities . 16th Annual Conference of National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications( NACCQ), Palmerston North

Invited Seminar

May 2009 The SLENZ project – Investigating education in MUVEs. Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin

May 2002 Evaluating the Evidence: Laying the Foundations for Evidence-Based Information Systems.  University of Melbourne Research Seminar Series, Melbourne, Australia.

May 2002 Data Modelling – Analysis or Design.  Department of IS, University of Melbourne, Postgraduate Seminar Melbourne, Australia. (jointly presented with Graeme Simsion).

May 2002 Object Role Modelling.  Department of IS, University of Melbourne, Postgraduate Seminar, Melbourne, Australia.

Reclaiming Knowledge: A Case for Evidence-Based Information Systems.

  • November 2001 Massey University Research Seminar Series, Wellington, New Zealand.
  • September 2000  Victoria University, Wellington, NZ .
  • June 2000 University of Brighton Research Seminar Series, Brighton, UK.

Book Chapters

Atkins, C. and Caukill, M. (2009): Serious Fun and Serious Learning: The Challenge of Second Life. In Judith Mokla-Danielsen and Mats Deutschmann (Eds) Learning and Teaching in the Virtual World of Second Life. Tapir Academic Press, Norway.

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Simsion G and Witt G. (2005) Data Modeling Essentials – 3rd  Edition. Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco.  pp 302 – 305

 Journal Articles

Atkins, C. (2007): Here Be Dragons: Reflections on a Second Life Journey. Bulletin of Applied Computing and Information Technology. Vol 5, Issue 1 (June 2007). Invited contribution

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Jeffrey, Lynn M., Atkins, Clare, Laurs Axel, Mann, Samuel (2006) E-Learning Profiles: Diversity in Learning. Report for NZ Ministry of Education.

Conference Papers

Atkins, C. (2014) Framing IT Capstone Development Projects with Design Science Research Principles. Proc of CITRENZ14, Auckland, New Zealand, October 8-10, 2014. Mike Lopez and Michael Verhaart, (Eds).

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Working Papers

Atkins, C. (2013) How Fascinating! An entrepreneurial learning initiative.  NMIT Working Paper Series.  Available here 

Conference Panels

Dec 2009: Is there life after SLENZ? (Panel Chair) Same places, different spaces. 26th Annual ASCILITE International Conference, Auckland, 6-9 December 2009

July 2008: Web 2.0 in Education. (Panel Chair) 21st Annual Conference of National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications( NACCQ),  Auckland,

July 2004: “What do reviewers look for?” (Panel Chair) 17th Annual Conference of National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications( NACCQ) Christchurch,

December 2000: Panel Chair, “Evidence Based Information Systems: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice.”  Australian Conference on Information Systems 2000, Brisbane, Australia.

Conference Presentations

Atkins, C. (2011) Bloogle – using blogs and google docs in face to face teaching. Teaching Tips and Tricks session. 2nd Annual Conference of Computing and Information Technology, Education and Research in New Zealand (CITRENZ) Rotorua, NZ 5-8th July

Proctor, M. and Atkins, C. (2011) Remixing the Orientation Experience: Challenging Students to Engender Engagement and Success.  National Tertiary Learning & Teaching Conference, Te Huinga Ako ā-Motu, Building Futures, Nelson, NZ 12-14 October

Atkins, C. and Gaukrodger, B. (2011) Learning a Second Language in Second Life – Using ‘holodecks’ for the Language Classroom. International Conference on eLearning Futures, Auckland, 30 November – 2 December

Neal, T. and Atkins, C. (2010) Working Effectively in a Virtual Team. National Teaching and Learning Conference, UCOL, Palmerston North, NZ, Oct.

Atkins, C. and Griffiths, A. (2007)  New Zealand Education in a Virtual World. eFest conference, Wellington, NZ, June

Atkins, C. (2004)  Extending the evidence based community. ITPNZ Research conference, Hamilton. April

Conference Workshop
Atkins, C. and Gaukrodger, B. (2011) Virtual Worlds Virtually Anywhere.  National Tertiary Learning & Teaching Conference, Te Huinga Ako ā-Motu, Building Futures, Nelson, NZ 12-14 October

Atkins, C. (2008):  First steps in second life (half day workshop). 21st Annual Conference of  National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (NACCQ), Auckland, July

Atkins,C. (2007):  Writing it Right! and Reviewing it Right (2* half day workshop) 20th Annual Conference of National Advisory Committee on Computing Qualifications (NACCQ),  Nelson, July

Atkins,C. (2004):   Improving your academic writing. (half day workshop) NACCQ Research workshop, Hamilton.Sept.

Atkins, C. (2004): Improving your academic writing and Peer Review of Academic Publications.(2* half day workshop) Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki, Dec

Atkins,C. (2002): Object Role Modelling with VisioModeler.  (half day workshop) 15th NACCQ conference. Hamilton, July


PhD :

2012  “Providing computer-assissted, two-way feedback in formative assessment: an innovation supporting best educational practice.” Waikato University, New Zealand

2012  “Improving Support for Lifelong Learning in Universities through Enhanced ePortfolio Systems” Massey University, New Zealand

Dr of Education

2009 Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia.

2010 Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia.

Masters :
Factors influencing the diffusion of the GIS technology by SBD Qingdao: an UTAUT approach. College of Business, Massey University

Pedagogical implications of Second Life in Education: Educators’ and Residents’ perception.  School of Computing, Unitec

and others  

Editorial Work

2003 – 05   Editor New Zealand: Journal of Applied Computing and IT (NZJACIT)

1998 – 01   Member Editorial Review Board: Journal of Database Management

2001+       An international editor :Journal of IT Education

Conference Work

1996-2014 Paper Referee for (among others)

Australian Conference on Information Systems 1998, 1999, 2000, 2008

Information Resource Management Association 2000 (Alaska), 2002 (Seattle)

NZ Conference on Information Systems 1996

Hawaiian International Conference on Information Systems 2001

Americas Conference on Information Systems 2000, 2005

Informing Science conference, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006

European Conference on Information Systems 2005

DSS2004 Conference, Florence, Italy.

ITPNZ Research Conference 2004, 2006

NACCQ Conference, 2003,2004, 2005,2006

CITRENZ conference 2013, 2014

National Tertiary Learning and Teaching Conference 2011, 2012

Project Leader(SL)

2008-2010 SLENZ Project  NZ Government Funded $500,000

Atkins, C. (2010-14)  Chair of Virtual Life Education New Zealand Inc.
Postgraduate paper Usage-Centred Design  408204 Auckland University of Technology

and others to be added  

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