The SLENZ (Second Life Education for New Zealand) project ran from mid 2008 through early 2010.  It explored the viability of using a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) such as Second Life for education at tertiary level.  The project constructed two interactive educational  ‘builds’ : the Skill Mastery Hyperdome in support of Foundation Education students and the Birthing Unit in support of students studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Midwifery.

The following videos detail the builds:

Visit The Hyperdome in Second Life.


The Skill Mastery Hyperdome is a step into the future, an environment in which students can learn, develop and practice interview skills that will help them progress on their career pathways and achieve their life goals.

The Hyperdome was built for Foundation Studies (Bridging Education) as part of the Second Life Education New Zealand Project Foundation students who will use this build are preparing to enter academic and/or training courses as diverse as nursing, teaching, business, police, travel and tourism, IT, engineering, and social work. Foundation Studies provides the basic building blocks and the scaffolding to enable students to enter and succeed in their selected career pathway.

Acitivites provided in this build are designed to enhance communication skills, specifically the skills needed in an interview situation. Rapungakore (“…you have come to the right place”), our clothing store, is part of the Hyperdome. Here students will select appropriate clothing for an interview.

Irrespective of their ultimate career goal all students will need to develop interview skills and strategies. This environment allows students to experience virtual interviews, to take on the roles of both interviewer and interviewee, and to develop confidence in answering and asking questions in a professional manner. The opportunity to rehearse variations of the interview scenario will lead to further enlightenment through reflective evaluation and deliberation on their own behaviour in action.

Visit The Birth Place in Second Life 


Te Wāhi Whānau is The Birth Place, where students can experience the authenticity of the actual moments of labour and birth. The normal birth scenario is part of the training which students are learning there in a replica of the actual facility in New Zealand. Second Life Education in New Zealand and PookyMedia present this important video.

Full details of the project including the literature review, project documentation and final evaluation report can be found on the SLENZ blog.

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